Graduation Season for International Students in China: Hard to Leave China!

It is summer time, also graduation season. In China, not only Chinese students, but also many foreign students are facing the end of their students’ life and the fresh beginning of life. Some of them are ready to pack up and say goodbye to China, some have found jobs, and some graduates are back to China after returning home.  
Ruan Qiuhe: Someday I will come back to China again
(26 years old, female, birth in Hanoi city of Vietnamese, master of curriculum and instruction of Beijing Language and Culture University)

After graduation On July 26th, I feel like I really have to go.
Recently, I have been busy with the formalities of leaving school, packing up my luggage, bringing the parents and the elder brothers to attend the graduation ceremony. Before returning to Vietnam, we had to go to Hangzhou, which was very hot, but the scenery was beautiful. I have too much luggage. I bought a lot of books these years. My parents helped me take some back. The rest have to be sent back to China by sea.
When I graduated from high school, I planned to study abroad. Mom and dad think China is relatively close, and diploma is valuable compared to Vietnam local advantage. In 2006, through the intermediary, I went to Wuhan University to further study procedures.
I remember when I first came to Wuhan, I took the train from Hanoi and arrived in Wuhan two days ago. As a result, the agent was irresponsible and didn't come to pick us up. Fortunately, the group that met with Vietnam came to the school.
After a year of learning, I always feel that Wuhan speak Mandarin is not standard, and then read a lot of materials are published by Beijing Language and Culture University, it should be more authoritative, so in 2007, I came to Beijing to go to school. After finishing undergraduate course, I was applying for scholarship; continue to read Master's degree.
At first, my family wanted me to study economics and trade, but when I was in China, I changed myself secretly. I think I can do business in any major, but the teaching method and theory can't be taught by myself.
Now in Beijing, the easier job to find is working as a game translation. Chinese online games companies are well developed. Some Vietnamese graduates are responsible for translating Chinese into Vietnamese and doing marketing work. But friends say that the work is not technical content, spending all days with games, not able to learn useful skill, do not need a master's degree.
I asked my classmates and my teacher for help for a job, but not went well. As a foreign teacher in China, you have to rely on hard ties. I also sent resumes on “Zhaopin”, but many jobs require at least three years of work experience, as well as visa issues. Some foreign friends handle visa through some special channels, but they are very insecure.
I come from an ordinary Vietnamese family. My father is a staff member of the national power plant, my mother is a teacher, and my brother is an architect. As you all know, Vietnamese is a small language. It's not easy to find a job. My compatriots almost all came back home. Embassy work? It will be harder to get.
Stay in Beijing for so many years, I have many classmates, teachers and friends, with good relationships, I feel really hard to leave this place. After returning home, I can go to college or universities to teach Chinese, or become a tutor. Although salary for those kind of job is not high, but my knowledge will be well used.
Graduation is a new beginning, but I'm not saying that I won’t come back, if I can find a suitable job, I'll come back again.
Bai Yongsheng: My best youth is spent in China

(28 year’s old, male, Afghanistan citizen, graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a major in international politics)

Once there is a child, from a well-off family. He had mercy parents, and a lot of toys. However when he was 6, the happy life was disappeared. One day, he was painting at home, suddenly heard the sound of shells, the streets are full of soldiers, tanks and scattered the crowd. He heard the sound of bullets, explosions, and cries. On this day, a gust of wind blew away his happy childhood. The wind was too big to blow him off with his family. The cruel wind called war".

Children and their families arrived in a strange environment - Pakistan, without homes and necessities. In Afghanistan, his father is a writer, and his mother is a teacher. However in a foreign country, parents have no jobs, no enough to eat, and no warm clothes to wear. It pours, the child's mother had a serious illness, need a lot of money to do the operation, but also to take care of his father mother doesn't work, the children cannot go to school. He often quietly watching other people to go to school, after study, for it can have the precious opportunity. After a few years, the family conditions slowly better, and his mother worked as a teacher, and he can go to school. Of course, such a rare opportunity to cherish, so the children study hard every day, 8 years’ time to complete the 12 years courses for general students. The country has also stabilized. After graduating from high school, he won a scholarship to study abroad and came to China because of his outstanding achievements. The Chinese teacher gave him a Chinese name called "Bai Yongsheng"". “That kid is me.” Bai Yongsheng says.
My father was a soldier, then studied Persian history and published many books. He was interested in Chinese history and encouraged me to study in china. In 2006, I came to Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, after a year preparatory study, transferred to undergraduate. When I first started learning Chinese, I thought Chinese was really difficult, and I made a lot of jokes. One day, the Chinese teacher asked us to have dinner in her house. As soon as we started eating, the teacher said to me, "eat slowly."". I didn't learn the meaning of "eating slowly" at that time. I thought the teacher thought I was eating too fast and should eat less...... I feel like I'm losing face, and I really don't want to eat anymore. But then I learned "eat slowly", then I realized that I misunderstood the meaning of the teacher.

Since I could not understand Chinese, I have been able to communicate freely with my Chinese friends. I have paid more time than Chinese students to study.

After graduation, the students who came with me came back to China, but I didn't want to leave. From 20 to 30 years old, my best youth spent in China; there are good memories, but also a profound impact on me. So I was around for the school, was eventually admitted to Beijing.

In 2011, I entered the language learning, upon graduation internship in the Afghan embassy, Embassy of Afghanistan was eventually hired. In accordance with the provisions of diplomatic personnel, the embassy work means that I have to stay here for another term, that is, three years.

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