China Jiliang University

China Jiliang University (CJLU) is the only university in the world dedicated to metrology, standardization, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine.

CJLU has 52 undergraduate programs, covering 9 discipline categories of engineering, science, management, law, literature, economics, medicine, agronomy and art, 7 master degree programs of Level-1 disciplines, 25 master degree programs of Level-2 disciplines, and 4 master of engineering programs. CJLU has 21 scientific research platforms of provincial, ministerial and above levels, including the National Base for International Science and Technology Cooperation, the National Center for Quality Inspection, the Engineering Center under the Ministry of Education, and the National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory. It is also home to a National University Science Park, a State-level High-tech Business Incubator, a State-level Sci-Tech Base for College Students' Entrepreneurship and Training.