Traditional Chinese medicine exhibition turns out to be success in Malta

People have showed great interest as they filled the vast entrance hall of Malta's main hospital Mater Dei to visit the exhibition of traditional Chinese medicine "Benevolence and Healing Art".

The recent exhibition showed the history of traditional Chinese medicine, its specific characteristics, techniques, achievements and world-wide application with pictures and posters to help raise awareness about traditional Chinese medicine in Malta.

It "is the first large-scale traditional Chinese medicine exhibition " hosted by China's medical team to Malta. "It has marks the extension from Traditional Chinese Medicine services to cultural exchanges," said Shi Jiangfeng, leader of the team right now.

Some of the visitors have experienced the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine.

Suncica Brajkovic and Jelena Maksovis, both nurses of St. James' Hospital, came to the exhibition after a night shift. Despite the fatigue, they were still interested in the show.

49-year-old Brajkovic started acupuncture treatment more than two months ago for back pain. After the first treatment, Brajkovic felt her condition had improved. As the pain eased, she felt much better and could do yoga again.

"Acupuncture is the best treatment I have ever received. I want to introduce traditional Chinese Medicine to everyone I know!"said Brajkovic. She had recommended acupuncture to her family, colleagues and friends.

Maksovis, Brajkovic's best friend, had also been plagued by shoulder and neck pain. The pain returned after a surgery.

After receiving four acupuncture treatments, Maksovis felt her pain was alleviated a lot."I have more energy, and my mood is much better," she said.

As medical professionals, they hoped to further understand the theory and principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

"The traditional Chinese medicine exhibition is very interesting and very educational," said Maksovis. "Traditional Chinese medicine is a very special and very good treatment, but there are still many people who don't know (it)..., we should let more people know about it."

Many people wrote down their feelings and suggestions on the visitor's book.