• Founded in: 1909
  • Campus: 2942000square meters
  • Students: 23000 (as of 17 December)
  • International Students: 463 (as of 17 December)
  • Scholarship: Yes

Study in China University of Mining and Technology

China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) is one of the key national universities directly under the administration of Ministry of Education of People Republic of China. CUMT is one of first batch engineering universities listed in the national “211 Project” and “985 Innovation Platform for Advantageous Disciplines”. With a history of 107 years, CUMT was one of earliest China institutions of offering engineering discipline. Nowadays, she has developed a comprehensive university with the characteristics of mining, resources, environment, and relevant disciplines, and has important international academic influence in engineering, especially in mining engineering field. CUMT has prominent advantage in engineering education and research fields. Not mining engineering and safety engineering consistently rank first in China, but surveying and mapping engineering, geological engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and automation of chemical engineering and other discipline are on top of the national advanced level. Meanwhile, CUMT has academic strength in business, science, humanities and other fields. High graduates quality and employment rates have been the highlight of the university.

CUMT boasts a large number of successful professors, entrepreneurs, engineers who have excelled in their fields. Due to formerly be founded by United Kingdom mining company, CUMT has the international education history and very good multi-cultural campus. CUMT has a beautiful picturesque campus, located in the historical cultural city of Xuzhou China. The university currently boasts first class teaching, researching and learning facilities, and has nearly 1200 staff, 1900 teachers including 1200 professors, associate professors. At present, the student population exceeds 40,000, of which about 23,000 are undergraduate students and 11,000 are graduate students, among whom more than 800 are oversea students from 63 countries.

Booming elite-CUMT, is looking forward to your joining.

TheInternational College is a second-level school responsible for the educationaladministration of undergraduates who go abroad to study, daily management of international students andtheir study in Chinese preparatory course program. It serves as a major windowand platform for CUMT’s foreign exchanges and cooperation and an important unitfor international talents cultivation. At present, it has enrolled more than530 Chinese and foreign students.


The International College hasalready carried out extensive international cooperation in many aspects,including student joint cultivation and credit transfer system with over 20foreign universities, such as University of Adelaide in Australia, Universityof Duisburg-Essen in Germany, University of Kentucky in America, University ofWaterloo in Canada, University of Nottingham in UK, and Hanoi University ofGeology and Mining in Vietnam. The study-abroad programs mainly compriseforeign cooperative education programs for undergraduates like civilengineering, building environments & energy application engineering andintercollegiate education exchange programs, including machinery design andautomation, business, electrical engineering and automation, etc. The InternationalCollege also provides international students studying in China with cultivationprograms including professional development, preparatory education of Chinese,courses for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students, etc.


The International College’sstudy-abroad programs mainly adopt the mode of “domestic and foreign jointcultivation in different phases”. After meeting the requirements of thiscultivation plan, students can acquire two diplomas at the same time under thecredit transfer system. The Degree Education Programs for internationalstudents mainly adopt the way of studying along with Chinese students, whileChinese preparatory courses for Non-degree Education Program adopt the mode of“small-class teaching and intensive instructions”, and provide intensiveChinese learning guidance for students. The International College possesses agalaxy of Chinese and foreign teachers and management team with excellentqualities, profound professional competence as well as international vision.



Adhering to the educationalconcept of “high starting point, emphasis on characteristics, andinternationalization” and the aim to cultivate advanced specialized talentswith international vision and global competitiveness, the International Collegehas been striving hard to develop itself into a significant base for high-leveleducation, international talents cultivation and international educationcooperation and exchange as well as an important carrier of Chinese and foreigncultural communication and exchanges in China University of Mining andTechnology.

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