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Study in Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing University of Technology has a hundred years of history, is the first batch of selected plans to enhance the innovation capacity of universities "(2011 program)" one of the 14 universities in Jiangsu province is the focus of the construction and comprehensive reform pilot universities in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, talent strong school pilot universities, the first country to deepen the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration University, Ministry of education the first batch of outstanding engineers training plan of pilot colleges and universities and professional degree students comprehensive education reform in Colleges and universities.
There are 11 schools, 29 colleges and more than 3 students. There is a national level key disciplines 1, Jiangsu Province, the national key disciplines disciplines foster the construction of 1, the national key disciplines in Colleges and universities in Jiangsu the development of the construction of 2 points, Jiangsu university discipline one phase of the project 4, the two phase of the project 6, "13th Five-Year" Jiangsu provincial key disciplines 2, "13th Five-Year" state defense characteristic discipline 4, 7 post doctoral research station, 6 points awarded a doctoral degree, 38 points awarded two doctoral degrees, 19 points awarded a academic degree awarded 102 points, two academic degree, professional degree authorization points (including field) 23, undergraduate (including direction) 84, cross industry, science, economy and culture, tube, method, medicine, art 8 disciplines. The existing staff of more than 2800 people, has more than 1200 senior officers, including chief scientist academician China Academy 2, Chinese Academy of engineering 5, seventh session of the State Council member of the discipline appraisal group of 2 people, the national outstanding professional and technical personnel 2 people, the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar Professor 7 people, the national "973" project 8, national people plan for 30 people (including thousands of 17 young people), winners of national outstanding youth fund of 12 people; the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholars and innovative research team innovation team 4, rolling support innovation team 2; Ministry of science and technology to promote creative talents plan "the youth science and technology innovation leading talents of 5 people; the organization department people plan millions of leading talent 1 people, science and technology innovation leading talents of 4 people;" 12th Five-Year "" 863 Plan "expert committee of experts 1 people, master There are 3 experts in the expert group, 2 of the national model teachers and 4 of the outstanding teachers in the country.

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