• Founded in: 1911
  • Campus: 1650000square meters
  • Students: 22000 (as of 17 December)
  • International Students: 1800 (as of 17 December)
  • Scholarship: Yes

Study in Zhejiang Gongshang University

Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJGU) is located in Hangzhou, a beautiful city which has a long history in China and was inscribed on World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2011. The history of ZJGU goes back to 1911 when it was named "Hangzhou Business School", which was one of the first business schools in China. It was renamed "Hangzhou Institute of Commerce" in 1980 and then "Zhejiang Gongshang University" in 2004.
ZJGU has become one of the provincial top universities in the fields of economics, management, law, literature, history, philosophy, engineering, science and arts. It offers more than one hundred and forty full-time degree programs including undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and post-doctoral fellowship programs. ZJGU has had academic exchanges and joint scientific research and educational programs with 52 universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and Thailand, etc. The University has a good reputation in teaching and research, especially in business, administration, law, food technology and other social sciences. ZJGU has a student population of over 34640 and 2110 staff. The university has a surface of 129.6 hectares, with two campuses: Xiasha Campus and downtown Campus.
The University attaches great importance to international cooperation in the areas of education and research. It has had student exchange, joint research and a variety of cooperative programs with over fifty universities in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea, etc. Over nine hundred international students are studying Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, degree programs and other academic subjects on the campuses. Educational internationalization has become its great mission. The thriving international education attracts more and more overseas students coming to study at Zhejiang Gongshang University every semester.

The education and management of international students in ZhejiangGongshang University is carried out under the principle of converge management,with the division of labor and cooperation among departments and colleges. Theuniversity has set up the leading group of international students. The groupleader is the university leader in charge of the foreign affairs. The office ofthe management leading group is in SIE.

SIE is in charge of the international students management workssuch as enrollment of all the degree and non-degree international students,exist-and-entry board management, etc. In the mean time, SIE is also in chargeof the management works such as daily teaching and academic affairs, etc. 


The School of International Education (SIE) of Zhejiang GongshangUniversity is an institute engaged in international education and Chinese andjoint education programs. In addition to the degree programs (Undergraduate,Master, PhD) spread in different academic faculties, international students canchoose to be majored in one of the two programs of SIE: Chinese Languageand Culture, China and Chinese Business.


The first program is especially designed for the students oflanguage formation, with the courses as following: Chinese Language, BusinessChinese, Intensive Chinese Language, Outline of China and several courses foroption.

The second program is aimed to international students in exchange,and the courses include: Modern Chinese, China and Chinese Culture, China'sEconomics and Trade, Practice in Business, Business Management, ChineseBusiness law, etc. SIE provides high-quality Chinese language courses fora long time and are praised highly by international students. 


Up to now, SIE has accepted thousands of students from more than100 countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Nicaragua, Mexico,Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, UK, France, Germany,Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, the CzechRepublic, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Congo, Zambia, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana,Cameroon, Mauritius, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan,Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Nepal.

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